A brief view of joshua schraub 

I am a lisenced private pilot who grew up in Harlingen, TX with a passion all things technology and aviation. I enjoy learning new things and enjoy old things as well. I am a experienced data professional with skills ranging from management to geospatial analysis. I have worked in customer serivce since my first job as a Jumpmaster at Texas' tallest bungee jump and learned a lot about external as well as internal customers on my journey through my professional career. 

Some of the stuff I have worked on can be checked out at the links below. It is in no way a comprehensive portfolio rather a snap shot of what I have worked on in the past. My most recent work can be found in the ForeFlight app where I have worked on a team creating airport diagrams and georeferencing aeronautical data provided by different worldwide aviation authorities. I work well under tight deadlines that cannot be missed. I also work well self-guided which can be checked out at the links below.               

I enjoy learning new things and this website is a me using the resources available to learn and create something to share with friends/family as well as a professional portfolio. Every job I have had since my first job at the age of 16 has allowed me to work in an industry that I enjoy and have fun with: aviation, golf, adrenaline-filled and geospatial analysis. Being able to combine fun with work is important to me and I believe a company should believe in this as well.